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Videos are great viral marketing tools that can attract a lot of traffic to your web site. They are similar to how article marketing is used to boost traffic to your web site. It is used not only as a marketing tool, but also as a tool for teaching online. Whatever its purpose is, business videos are great for supporting your marketing scheme, and is an effective way of advertising your website, enticing your audience to visit.

Ways of Profiting from Online Videos

A way to increase conversions and boost online profits, after driving traffic to your web site, can be done through the use of live video broadcasts, video emails, or video on demand infomercials by online businesses. This can add to the bottom line of your company.

People generally remember 10% of what they read and 20% of what they hear; but with the use of videos online, people can remember 50% of what they both see and hear together. People need time to process things before they can act on your message, that is why videos can help you increase their level of processing on what they see and hear, increasing your chances for profit.

Video broadcasts can also increase the response rate of people. If a call to action is actively delivered, with sincere enthusiasm and passion for your topic, then it is much easier to follow since they are especially more powerful action drivers.

Your time of building a relationship with your customers is also dramatically shortened since you can cut through the technological barriers of the internet, putting yourself online, allowing the people you do business with to know, like, and trust you better.

You can avoid spending unnecessary high costs for sending someone on the road to meet with your clients or to attend a meeting. The technology is readily available, and the effects of your savings are immediate and obvious.

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