David Vallieres Advanced Email Marketing Lesson 6

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Video 1 Lesson 6Lesson 6 - Writing Emails that Sell Your Products and Services - Slippery Slopes

Itís always nice to figure out some things for yourself, but when it comes to running your business and marketing matters, you canít always take that risk. Thatís why youíre going to need some help sometimes, and an experienced guide can clear the fog of confusion for you.

In this video series, youíll get a closer look at some key elements of running your email marketing campaigns. The first three videos contain the video creatorís over-the-phone tutorial from the man he considers his guru, and the next two videos introduce some new email marketing advice.

Video 1

You might get a little stumped about email marketing at some point and need someone to guide you through the steps.

In this video, the videoís creator gets in touch with his personal Internet/email marketing guru and gets a crash course in writing an email for his newsletter subscribers, along with a number of very helpful tips and corrections.

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Video 1 Lesson 6a
By David Vallieres

Video 2 Lesson 6bLesson 6 - Writing Emails that Sell Your Products and Services - Slippery Slopes

The over-the-phone tutorial continues. This is part two of the phone conversation between the videoís creator and the Internet/email marketing guru. You will get to see more as the email develops and more content is added

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Video 2 Lesson 6b
By David Vallieres

Video 3 Lesson 6cLesson 6 - Writing Emails that Sell Your Products and Services - Slippery Slopes

More from the over-the-phone tutorial. In just over 30 minutes, you will be able to watch as the video creatorís email improves and contains extra, important content.

Youíll also be able to learn how you can focus the content on a specific topic and make sure that your readers stay with you throughout the file.

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Video 3 lesson 6c
By David Vallieres

Video 4 Case StudyLesson 6 - My Personal, Secret Methods For Making Sales Via Email Marketing

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Video 4 Case Study
By David Vallieres

Video 5 LabLesson 6 - Google AdWords Update and a New Campaign on the BC Network

Advertising your newsletter service is always a big help and could mean a great boost in the number of opt-ins to your list.

In this video, youíll get to see how the videoís creator makes use of Bidclix, how it works, and the positive results he has generated so far. You will also get an update on the creatorís Adwords campaign.

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Video 5 Lab
By David Vallieres

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