David Vallieres Advanced Email Marketing Lesson 11

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Video 1 Lesson 11LESSON 11- Course Overview

There is a whole lot more to Internet marketing than just sending out newsletters on a regular basis, although that is certainly a major part of the process.

You should also be able to set up a good, sizeable catalogue of products you can offer. This will be the major thing that will rake in the profits for your business.

In this video series, you will find out where to find good-quality products, how to create your own, and how you can work on the details in your site that can make ordering from you a simple process.

Video 1

Now that youíre well-equipped to do a lot of email marketing, itís time for you to get out there and find something to market in the first place. You want to look for top-quality products that will generate 100% profits for you. This video will show you where to find such products and how you can use them to make money.

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Video 1 Lesson 11
By David Vallieres

Video 2 Case 11LESSON 11- Case Study

If youíre not too hot about having to shell out money to get products and licenses to sell them, you can always take a different route: Make your own products.

This video will show you the benefits of creating your own products, how to create them, and how you can promote them.

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Video 2 Case 11
By David Vallieres

Video 3 Lab 11aLESSON 11- Lab 11a

Itís time to get even more serious with your Internet marketing business! Apart from finding and creating products, there are a few more things you ought to learn.

One is how you can create sales pages, minisites, and thank-you letters. This video will show you the little details that can make your online business successful and easier to manage.

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Video 3 Lab 11a
By David Vallieres

Video 4 Lab 11bLESSON 11- Lab 11b

Do you know how to work with certain Paypal features that will add some functionalities to your website?

This video will show you what you can tweak and modify, and how you can add links to your thank-you and order pages as well.

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Video 4 Lab 11b
By David Vallieres

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