Creating Your First Ebook

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Creating your first EbookCreating your first Ebook

E-books are probably one of the easiest products you can create for your business. You donít have to code anything, and you donít even have to make anything by hand.

All you need are your ideas, your knowledge, time enough to complete your e-book, and perhaps some extra research if you find yourself stuck on a topic.

This five-video collection will show you how you can start working on your e-book and take the process a step further by compiling it and making it brandable.

Within the hour, youíll know practically everything there is to know about writing e-books and putting them together, and youíll be on your way towards publishing your first e-book!

Video 1

How do you get started with writing your e-book? What are your interests and what are the topics about which you have considerable knowledge?

This video will show you how to sit down and think about your potential e-book topics and develop them to expand your content for your first ever e-book.

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Creating your first Ebook
Video Running Time: 13 minutes

Compiling Your Ebook In PDF FormatCompiling Your Ebook In PDF Format

If you have bought and read a lot of e-books, then you know by now that the PDF format is one of the most popular ways of distributing your e-book. Want to know how to put your e-book together as a PDF?

This video will teach you how you can change your book from the regular Microsoft Word format and convert it into a PDF file.

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Compiling Your Ebook In PDF Format
Video Running Time: 2 minutes

Making Your PDF Ebook BrandableMaking Your PDF Ebook Brandable

Did you know that your e-book can be a great way for you to generate sales and even explode your readership base?

If you already have a lot of customers keen on buying your e-book, you might want to turn them into your private sales force. This video will show you how you can use Viral PDF to make your e-book brandable.

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Making Your PDF Ebook Brandable
Video Running Time: 4 minutes

Compiling Your Ebook In EXE FormatCompiling Your Ebook In EXE Format

Another interesting format in which your e-book can be distributed is as an EXE file. This means your e-book will have its own software and your readers can view it as if theyíre looking at a website.

This format is not as common as PDF these days, but itís still a great, helpful way for your product to stand out. Find out how to convert your e-book into an EXE file.

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Compiling Your Ebook In EXE Format
Video Running Time: 5 minutes

Making Your EXE Ebook BrandableMaking Your EXE Ebook Brandable

Even your e-book in an EXE format can be rebrandable. You can have your customers and readers brand your e-book and distribute it to their own customer bases.

Think it will be too hard to change your EXE e-book in this way? Think again! This video will make it really easy for you to make your e-book brandable.

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Making Your EXE Ebook Brandable
Video Running Time: 3 minutes

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